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        1. Our Honor

          • Chongqing Municipal Enterprise Technology Center
          • Top 100 Manufacture Enterprise in Chongqing in September,2020
          • Postdoctoral Programme in March,2020
          • Chongqing Enterprise Engineering Research Center of In Vitro Diagnostics
          • Technology Innovative Center in November, 2016
          • Top 10 Service Providers in Clinical Lab in 2016
          • Strategic Cooperative Enterprises voted by International Journal of Laboratory Medicine
          • Little giant of Small and medium-sized enterprises in December, 2018
          • Star Employers in Chongqing in 2019
          • Certificate of Intellectual Property Management Certification System
          • Quan Ji- Leading Talent of Special Support Program for Scientific and Technological Entrepreneurship
          • Quan Ji- Innovative Talents of Promoting Scientific and Technological Innovation Entrepreneurship
          • Quan Ji- Entrepreneurial Star in 2014
          • Quan Ji- Leading Talent of the National Special Support Program for High-level Talents
          • Quan Ji- Chongqing’s Outstanding Entrepreneur in 2018