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        1. Zybio Debuts in Medlab, Middle East

          February 10,2018 Zybio News

          • As one of the global flagship Medical Exhibition, Medlab Middle East was held at Dubai International Convention And Exhibition Center from 5th ~8th February, 2018. Zybio, being a national IVD leader, shined out among numerous IVD players with our latest, cutting-edge and comprehensive products portfolio in this event. 

          Our booth in the exhibition

          Over 10 years, Zybio has implemented high standard in all aspects in terms of research & development, production, marketing, sales and technical services to satisfy the needs of our users. To date, we have established three R&D centers in accordance with the belief of &lsquo;Innovations drive the future&rsquo;.

          Our booth in the exhibition

          Our booth in the exhibition

          Our elite team is at your service

          Devoted to provide professional and optimal solutions 

          Our self-developed Quantitative Immunoassay Analyzer Q7 and Q8, Nucleic Acid Isolation Analyzer ZS9600, Hematology Analyzer Z3 and Chemistry Analyzer ZS400 along with major original chemistry reagents were demonstrated during the expo and drew widespread attention.

          • Product Display

          •  Quantitative Immunoassay Analyzer


          • Nucleic Acid Isolation Workstation ZS9600


          • Chemistry Analyzer ZS400



          • Hematology Analyzer Z3


          Dedicating to professional and comprehensive solutions, Zybio promises our valued customers advanced and quality products. We warmly welcomes whoever shares the same vision to collaborate.