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        1. Microbiology

          EXS 2600

          Mass Spectrometry System

          Mass Spectrometry System

          Rapid and convenient identification
          for bacteria.

          • Rapid Identification Tool


            Target - in/out time

            12 min

            96 spots tests at one plate

          • High-quality structure and
            hardware technology

            Turbomolecular pump without oil,
            reduce maintenance cost.
            High ion propulsion technology, increase the
            sensitivity and resolution

          • Convenient Software Operaion

            One screen display test spectra,
            identification score and result.

            Apart from bacteria identification report, standard
            colony plate picture
            and morphological reference
            picture to assist right decision.

          • Rich strains database

            Common bacteria like filamentous fungi, yeasts,
            mycobacteria, etc.,
            in the clinical database, bring
            accurate identification result.

          Comprehensive RUO Application

          Positive and negative dual ion mode,
          widely applied in the phosphate protein research among

          antibiotic-resistant bacteria and drug sensitivity analysis

          Positive mode

          Negative mode

          EXS2600 system

          • Work PrincipalMALDI-TOF
          • Mass Range1500-30000 Da
          • Operation SystemWindows 7 ( 64 bit) and above, support LIS
          • Laser N2 UV laser,frequency 1-60 Hz
          • Power Supply 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 300 W
          • Weight 116.1 Kg
          • Dimension (mm)490(W) *800(D) *1215(H)