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        1. Molecular

          EXM 3000

          Nucleic Acid Isolation System

          The EXM3000 is designed as a high-tech instrument to isolate and purify
          the nucleic acid through magnetic bead method featuring more efficient
          extraction, smaller size and safer operation.

          • 9minOnly 9 min for extraction of 32 samples, less extraction time
          • 5500GSMagnetic flux is up to 5500 GS, avoiding the risk of magnetic
            bead down
          • Recovery rate98%

            Excellent performance

          • CV3%

            More reliable


          • Throughput 1-32
          • Process volume 30 μL-1000 μL
          • Recovery rate ≥98%
          • Stability CV≤3%
          • Pollution control UV sterilization
          • Filtration HEPA Filter
          • Dimensions(L*W*H) 375mm*415mm*440mm
          • Weight 27kg