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        1. Chemiluminescence

          EXI 1800

          Fully Auto-Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer

          Technical innovation,
          accurate results

          Magnetic separation patent
          Non-contact vortex
          Multi-module integration

          • Magnetic separation
            technical patent
            Improve detection sensitivity
            and precision
          • Innovative non-contact vortex
            mixing technology
            Ensure re-suspension of magnetic beads
          • Unique constant temperature
            incubation system
            Smaller temperature fluctuations,
            good repeatability of results
          • Multi-module integration
            Up to 351 T/H m2
            Improve detection efficiency

          Efficient, convenient,
          walk-away system

          Time to first result: 12 min, throughput: up to 180T/H
          Large capacity of consumables, long time walk-away system
          Support reagent on-line replacement at any time
          Double substrates design, easy to replace

          • 12minTime to first result
          • 180T/HHigh throughput
          One-key auto-maintenance

          Intelligent configuration, human-computer interaction,
          more user-friendly

          • Multi-language operating system,
            platform-based remote system
          • Graphical operation interface,
            15-inch HD touch screen
          • Intelligent fault alarm,

          Multiple modes,
          more convenient

          Multiple sample types: serum, plasma, urine
          Multiple test modes: random, batch, STAT
          Multiple test items: comprehensive test menu

          • Multiple sample types
          • Multiple test modes
          • Multiple test items