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        1. Chemistry

          EXC 400

          Chemistry Analyzer

          An automated floor stand chemistry analyzer customized
          for medium volume chemistry analysis

          Constant 400 tests per hour offers a higher efficiency
          24-hour non-stop refrigeration system for reagent enables a steady operation environment
          Minimum reaction volume and lower water consumption result in cost-effectiveness
          Bilateral LIS interface allows convenient results transfer
          97 original reagents and quality controls ensure reliable and traceable results
          • 400T/HHigher efficiency
          • 97ItemsOriginal reagents
          • 24HourNon-stop refrigerated


          • Throughput400T/H
          • MethodologyEnd point, Fixed-time(two point), Kinetic
          • Sample capacity100 including 5 emergency positions
          • Reagent capacity40 positions with 24-hour non-stop refrigeration system
          • Reagent typeLiquid, ready-to-use
          • Mixing systemIndependent mixer with two rods
          • Control methodsReal-time, within-day, between-day control etc.
          • Wavelength340-800nm, in total 12 wavelengths
          • Operation systemWindows 10, support LIS