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        1. POCT

          Q8 Pro

          Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer

          High throughput,
          innovation design

          Time-resolved fluorescence immune POCT system

          • 25Channels
            Disk 25 channels Multi-language and high efficient
          • 15-inch HD touch screen Easy to operation
          • External waste card container Easy to maintenance
          • Sample types:
            serum, plasma and etc.
            Multi-sample processing

          Throughput upgrade,
          accurate detection

          Time to result within 3-10 min
          Stable photoelectric signal path, high precision
          Time-resolved fluorescence immune technology, anti-interference, high sensitivity
          Constant temperature incubation to provide a stable detection environment

          • 3-10minRapid test
          • High precisionStable photoelectric signal path
          • Anti-interference, high sensitivity
          • Constant temperature incubation

          Intelligent design, lower risk

          Auto-identify item information to avoid manual errors
          Free calibration, automatically read the calibration information
          Automatic maintenance at starting, identifying and reporting errors

          • Auto-recognition
          • Auto-reading
          • Auto-maintenance

          Real-time monitoring, instant data storage

          Real-time monitoring status of the instrument, power failure protection, and test data storage immediately