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        1. CAREER

          Zybio holds the idea “plan together, create together, share
          together”, and try to build “a family culture” in enterprise.

          Career Development

          Top talent orientation

          Founded in 2008, Zybio Inc. is one of the national high-tech enterprises, focused on IVD reagents,
          instruments R&D,production and technical services.

          • Sales Manager

            Complete sales task and assist sales team to achieve sales target.

            To enhance ZYBIO brand in the local area, organize and coordinate marketing activities.

            Manage key account and build relationships with KOL/KOC/regular customers and acquiring new customers to help the local distributor achieve the new installation.

            Collect and manage marketing information, including end-users, competitors, industry trends, sales data and etc.

            Submit working report regularly.


          Did not find the suitable position?
          Please send your CV to us, we will recommend for you.
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